Jaye Arcuve

- Musician - Composer - Producer -


Essence - The Resurrection (second KICKSTARTER campaign)

Essence is a new cross over between an first person exploration and adventure game with metriodvania elements, filled with beautiful landscapes and interwoven areas. 

It's as much about exploring the different worlds of Essence, collecting lost fragments of the world, and discovering secret places as it is about solving puzzles and learning new abilities that help you proceed further on you way. The further you will go the more possibilities you will have to interact with the world and its surroundings. Every world has its very own theme and therefore is different in color, gameplay and overall feeling. 

The game has a narrative story that does not only link the worlds together but also explains your own existence and purpose in this worlds.  Your main goal is to figure out what happened in the past and how to fix it. 

Track Used: Enigma 

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Essence by One Vision Games (first KICKSTARTER campaign)

ESSENCE is a new surreal first person exploration adventure.  Get lost in miraculous worlds and experience a true journey beyond time and space.

Track Used: Rebirth

Birth of a Hero by D.M.T

Discover Muaythai (D.M.T) provides Muaythai-based health and fitness training and services for both corporate bodies and individuals. It is however, first and foremost a Social Business initiative for underprivileged youths to lead a life of dignity and independence by developing character and positive values through Muaythai.

Track Used: Crimson Embrace

Nostalgia on Market St. San Francisco, CA 1906

Film taken from a cable car on April 14th, 1906 just a few days before the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that left San Francisco in complete destruction.  Music has been added to the silent film.

Track Used: The Ides of Thunder

Track Used: Rebirth



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